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Field Exercise Report 3 - Yellow Light Tip


Take this information for what it’s worth.  We are not condoning unlawful behavior.


Generally speaking…Yellow Lights last the single number of ten seconds of the speed limit is posted.  For example:  if it is a 30 mph zone, the yellow light will last 3 seconds.  40 mph, 4 seconds.  So on.

Useful to know when tracking a target….or trying to lose one.


Here we go! Part 2 is LIVE.

We suggest you read Part 1 first obviously (if you haven’t already). If you are new to all this, here at The Moat Group we do a tremendous more than just blogging. Go check out our Services page to get a grasp on just a few…


Here is a detailed look at the HSP Incog Discreet Rifle Bag and just a few of the potential uses of the bag. The current media and marketing leaves a lot of details about the bag open for curiosity, so we hope we can help you make a better educated decision about the bag. Personally, I like…


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Mk18 upper in multicam

Joint Force Enterprises

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US Navy SEALs Circa 1982


Mat Best - Operator as fuck


Polish SOF JW Komandosów. photos sourced from public domain

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